About Us

Busy Bees Plants and Palms Family

Becky, Ian, Freddie and Joey make up the Radford family, with the added extras: Rory (the black lab) and Megs (the beagle). We pride ourselves on maintaining a family friendly nursery, complete with coffee shop, children’s play area and our famous Busy Bee Trail.

Originally from the UK, we moved to Australia 12 years ago and are now officially Australian citizens, of which we are very proud.

Becky is the main nursery owner. She used to teach (and still helps out) at the local schools, but now enjoys the lifestyle and challenges of operating a nursery.

Ian is a paramedic by trade, but you might spot him buzzing around on the lawnmower to help out on his days off.

Freddie and Joey are the boys who make the most of growing up in such a beautiful location.

Fun Fact: The name “Busy Bees” comes from a shortened version of Becky (Bee) and our love of keeping busy. We certainly do that as the business continues to grow and grow, just like the plants!

Busy Bees Family

Becky, Ian, Freddie and Joey

Our Extended Family


Rory the black Lab is very friendly, he loves cuddles and will be more than happy to accompany you during your visit!

Megs at Busy Bees Plants and Palms


Megs the Beagle may look cute, but she’s usually the biggest troublemaker of the two!

We also have a few other people that help us out. Meet Stav at The Hive if you want to stop in for some refreshments, or or say hello to Gill if she’s buzzing around the nursery. They are always keen to help out with just about anything.